the abc book challenge {c}

Hullo. Got another batch of books for ya. Looking though my Goodreads really makes me feel like I've barely read anything. Even though my list nears 400, I still feel as though I have only read, like, 12 books. Why is that? If you have any idea, please let me know. I never feel like… Continue reading the abc book challenge {c}


the abc book challenge {b}

Hello hello. Hope you're doing well. I'm happy to say I'm back for B; though I struggled to grab my laptop and type, I managed to scrounge together a list of memorable and TBR books all beginning with the letter B.  I'm finding it difficult to find books I've read with the two letters I've… Continue reading the abc book challenge {b}

abc book challenge {a}

I realize my inconsistency on this platform speaks to a larger problem in my psyche, but we're gonna ignore that and continue on.  In a proper noncommittal fashion, I'm going to start doing a weekly tag! That's right, haven't written since my rant post about the GRE and now I'm back at ya with some… Continue reading abc book challenge {a}