Well. Here we are. I feel like I should apologize? I basically ghosted my own blog. I just got so busy, I forgot it existed. Which is both good and bad. On one hand, I've been busy. And being busy means I'm thriving. I've got a few freelancing gigs that don't make me want to… Continue reading Oops.


So Many Things

The world is funny. One day, you're sad that no one is buying your services, and the next you have three week-long or more projects at once. Yesterday, I spent eight hours writing erotic fiction for this guy, and I'm still not done! When will it end! The thing is I both want it to… Continue reading So Many Things

Fictional Characters I Want to Chill With

I just spent about two hours studying math. There is nothing I want more than to shrink from reality into worlds where I don't have to deal with exponential fractions and how the sum of x and x backwards equals 7,777. So, I'm going to spend some time talking about the fictional characters I want… Continue reading Fictional Characters I Want to Chill With

A Rose for Emily: Faulkner Gets Weird

I'm a big fan of William Faulkner. As I Lay Dying is probably one of my favorite classic novels. It's strange and disjointed, but it tickled my intellectual fancy. It's rare that I enjoy such an off-the-wall writing style; Faulkner managed to get me on board with it. But this isn't about As I Lay… Continue reading A Rose for Emily: Faulkner Gets Weird