I “Failed” the GRE

To be clear, you can't fail the GRE. It's impossible to fail it. You can, however, do very poorly, which I kind of did. Twice. Yes, I took the GRE twice in the span of a month. No, I don't recommend it. The thing is I sort of knew this would happen. Standardized tests and… Continue reading I “Failed” the GRE


Thoughts on the Future

Never before has lightness pervaded my mind so consistently. I'm waiting for the ball to drop, for the light to dim and fade away. Stoking the fire in my mind feels more like lighting a candle than burning wet firewood. It's a different feeling, but a welcome one. Everything about my perception of the world… Continue reading Thoughts on the Future

Fictional Characters I Want to Chill With

I just spent about two hours studying math. There is nothing I want more than to shrink from reality into worlds where I don't have to deal with exponential fractions and how the sum of x and x backwards equals 7,777. So, I'm going to spend some time talking about the fictional characters I want… Continue reading Fictional Characters I Want to Chill With